Saturday, May 1, 2010

Radiothon and Washington update

I meant to write a few weeks ago, but of course things are busy.....the 10th annual CMN radiothon was held in Watertown April 7-9. This is a special event for me because I was working at the radio station (KSDR) when the very first radiothon was held 10 years ago.

I wasn't a mom yet at that time, so had no idea how important CMN really was yet. I heard the stories and saw the kids and their families come up to share. Never in a million years did I think I'd be one of those families just a few short years later.

Being a part of the radiothon now is so much different, but I'm thankful to have been on the other side of things too. When you haven't been directly involved with CMN, it's difficult to understand the magnitude CMN dollars can have on a sick child's life.

Now I am fully aware just how important it is to share our story and work hard to help others to realize the significant impact their donations and support have.

The radiothon raised over $66,000 - the biggest one yet! Thank you to everyone at the radio stations, and especially all the listeners who called in!!!!

Now to the Washington update.....we are now just a little over 1 month away from our trip and we're getting so excited!

Olivia and Meredith got a package in the mail yesterday that had a red CMN T-shirt for each of them. They are to wear these the day we arrive in Washington so the CMN staff can find us easily.

We also received 2 books with the shirts. The books have each Champion child and their story. I read 2 of the stories to the girls yesterday and we're going to keep reading 2 each day so we can get to know the other families a little before we get there.

There are some amazing little kids we're going to get to meet! We are SO looking forward to this trip!

More later.....


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