Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Incredible Year

When we got the call a year ago letting us know Olivia and Meredith were the South Dakota CMN Champions for 2010 we had no idea how much that would really mean.

This has truly been such an amazing year for all of us and we can't thank all of you enough for your support of our family and especially of CMN.

Orlando was awesome! It was SO much fun to get to see all the staff and families we had met in Washington in June. It's unreal how fast you can form bonds with people you've known such a short while.

The girls had the time of their lives at Walt Disney World and honestly I don't think things could have gone any better. Perfect weather, just the right size crowds, being there during the holiday season - all of it was just perfect.

Greg said the proudest moment of his life was when our girls ran out to receive their medals during the medal ceremony. They were so happy to walk out there and receive their special medal. And, since we've been home, they have had many jealous cousins asking "how did you get that medal?" :-)

It was also wonderful and very special to have a chance to thank so many sponsors in person at the sponsor pin exchange. The girls LOVED "signing" their autograph - Olivia especially was a natural. She even posed for photos for anyone who wanted to take one. It was nice to let our children be the face of the 17 million children the sponsor's work and money helps.

I wish there was a way for every family who's been helped by CMN or who has had a sick or injured child to experience everything we have in the past year. Definitely a life changing experience.

Thank you all for sharing this extraordinary year with us!

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